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Vlan Asia Partner Program

We could all use a bit more in our lives.

More revenue, more time, more resources, more help.

The VLAN Asia Partner Program (VPP) is designed to

  1. Make you more money
  2. Gain more customers
  3. Make your existing customers love you

All without hiring more people, or spending too much money.

So we can all go home early and spend more time with our families and hangout with friends to drink coffee.

Why are we doing this?

We can't help everyone ourselves, so we need your help!

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Expansion without hiring for me and you

We all know more heads means more overheads.  Let's save some manpower!

Partner Service Program Icon-01

Build our base together at your pace

Do what you can, with what you have.  We're not here to ask for the sky and moon.  Work at your own pace, earn at your own pace.

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Grow beyond your current offerings

Bringing in a new product is always daunting with a steep learning curve.  Let us do the heavy lifting!

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Build new markets and competencies to stay relevant

Learn and earn!  With newer Cloud based products, your customers can be based anywhere! 

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Access new systems / expertise at a fraction of the cost

Don't spend an arm and a leg implementing systems we can offer at a fraction!  Leverage on us!

Everyone's piece of the pie


80/20 rule of thumb (Services)

10k services deals nets your 2k


Nice margins

License margins as per existing distributor costs - Same price as a distributor to you


Option of direct of indirect

We can work with you whether you want to work with a traditional distributor or not!

Wait, there's more!


Shared marketing services

  • Website backlinks for SEO weightage
  • Digital content strategy planning
  • Co-hosting of events (partner led/principle led)
  • Event EDM and lead gen automation
  • Post event activities and content generation

Pre and Post sales support

  • Product training
  • Sales FBAT and sales discovery training
  • Pre-sales engineer scoping
  • Project implementation and project management
  • Post implementation refinements
  • Service desk ticketing system support
  • Knowledge base access

Value Added Service

  • Microsoft Cloud Agreement signing portal
  • Customer license self-service portal
  • Complementary value-added services
    • e-Leave
    • e-Claims
    • Policy Distribution System
    • Service Integration between available SaaS (Microsoft / Zendesk / Hubspot)

Join us in the Partner Service Program and unlock your potential for lasting success.