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Our ESG Commitment

We are aware of your concerns regarding the socio-economic growth of any business operations, its impact to the environment and how we support our customers in managing the safety of their customer data. 

We will always strive to work towards a sustainable workforce. We know our past and present efforts highlights our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We will continue to innovate beyond our current activities to further achieve and create greater social impact for a better world. 


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    Equality in the Workforce
    VLAN Asia has always practiced meritocracy in our hiring. This commitment to diversity fosters innovation and empowers everyone within the organisation.
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    Picha Catering to Help Refugees Looking to Earn a Living
    VLAN Asia partners with Picha Eats Catering, to help refugees looking to earn a living, exemplifying our social responsibility.
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    CSR Projects to Help Local Underfunded Schools
    VLAN Asia's CSR initiatives include providing hardware supplies, and organising educational workshops, making meaningful impact on underfunded schools in our community.
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    Training Women with Tech Returning to the Workforce with Techsprint

    Through Techsprint, VLAN Asia empowers women returning to work, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the tech industry.

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    Micro SME USABC Talks with Asia Foundation
    VLAN Asia collaborates with the Asia Foundation to offer micro and small enterprises opportunities for growth and fostering economic development in our region.
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    MCPG COVID Training, Mental Health Series Webinars
    VLAN Asia's MCPG COVID training and mental health webinars provide employees with essential support during the pandemic, promoting well-being and resilience.
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    WFH Means More Time with Family and Friends
    VLAN Asia's flexible WFH policy has allowed employees to strike a balance between work and personal life, creating opportunities for quality time with loved ones.



PDPA Policies

VLAN Asia adheres to strict PDPA policies, ensuring that customer data is handled with care and only used with explicit consent.


PAS to allow companies to distribute policies

Our Policies Acceptance System tracks employee agreement with company policies, promoting transparency and accountability.


Cybersecurity to protect customer data

VLAN Asia employs top-tier cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, encryption, and ongoing employee training to protect customer data.


ROB to protect company data

We safeguard proprietary data with strict access controls and encryption, ensuring the protection of intellectual property.


3rd party risk assessments to protect perimeter security

Regular assessments of third-party partners' security practices ensure the integrity of our perimeter security.


Cloud storage and credential management

VLAN Asia utilizes secure cloud storage and credential management with multi-factor authentication, enhancing data security and access control.


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