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Founded in 2003, Vlan Asia is a fast-growing premier cloud service provider, helping businesses do better with technology by digitalisation and automation, serving customers across Asia.

What our clients say

The whole process of Office365 implementation went well. VLAN’s engineer has been helpful during the implementation to ensure we don’t encounter issues on sending and receiving emails. The engineer is always reliable and the expertise level is great. Directors of AIF happy with the service provided by VLAN Asia Sdn. Bhd.

AIF Asian Institute of finance-1
Asian Institute of Finance

Client Engagement Associate: VLAN has been great in ensuring our smooth transition into Zendesk. They've always been helpful and diligent in addressing queries. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to incorporate Zendesk into their processes!

Money Match Sdn Bhd

Communications & Operations Analyst: Throughout the process from inquiry to delivery, VLAN has been quick to respond while always providing cost-effective value solutions that meet our needs. We highly recommend their services.

Conspec Builders (M) Sdn Bhd

VLAN has been very informative at the beginning for advising us on our IT solution and has been very helpful while in the migration process of our email management system. The support service is swift and accurate. Good job to Vlan Asia!

The Incorporated Society
of Planters Sdn Bhd
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Your best online office.

✔️ Work from anywhere, anytime

✔️ Collaborate with your team effectively and efficiently

✔️ Stay up to date and compliant with the latest software updates

✔️ Have more than enough storage space to never have to delete any emails

✔️ Synchronise all your emails, calendars, contacts and files across all your devices

✔️ Have video conference with teammates, clients or vendors anytime, anyplace

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The world of customer experience has changed.

✔️Reduce your customer support wait time

✔️Have all customer request information in 1 place

✔️Communicate with your customers on any medium they're comfortable on

✔️Automate responses with AI-enabled chatbots for your websites or social media

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Optimize the bridge between sales and marketing.

✔️ Manage sales pipelines throughout their stages

✔️ Create social media content and manage ads easily

✔️ Track and optimise your social media ad spend

✔️ Create landing pages for campaign specific marketing

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Cloud Infrastructure.

✔️ Migrate your office servers to the cloud

✔️ Reduce hardware and server maintenance costs

✔️ Stay compliant for server licenses easily

✔️ Remove that server room in your office!

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Stay connected with your financial data.

✔️ Access up-to-date financial reports anytime

✔️ Easy quotations, invoicing and payment tracking

✔️ Make reconciliation a breeze!

✔️ Copy content from quotation to invoices in a flash

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